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Kathryn Alesandrini

Malibu Real Estate Market Spikes

Malibu Real Estate Market Spikes Like nearby Los Angeles, the Southern California beach enclave is seeing strength at the top BY BECKIE STRUMORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON APRIL 26, 2018|MANSION GLOBAL| LOS ANGELES MARKET REPORTS  A wave of frenzied home buying has washed over Malibu, where sales on the beach quadrupled in the first three months of the […]

Wondering about a Chinese Wonder

China’s fourth largest city of Chengdu has the largest building in the world and it’s absolutely beautiful. Check it out: A whopping 20 Sydney Opera houses could fit inside this colossal building. There’s an indoor 1,000-foot gorgeous beach bordered by an ultra-giant LED screen that can display a “perfect” ocean. This Chinese wonder makes me […]

A Double-Hitter Day

The best day for a seller is not necessarily closing day despite what you might think. In truth, that day can be downright anticlimactic after waiting for 30, 45, or even 60 days for the much anticipated close of escrow. Home-sellers often have some mixed emotions and a twinge of nostalgia when it’s time to […]