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Kathryn Alesandrini


5 user1032110

Kathryn facilitated my purchase of two pieces of real estate in the Santa Monica Mountains above Malibu. She did an excellent and timely job and acted professionally in any and all circumstances regarding the purchases.

I highly recommend Kathryn Alesandrini as the choice for all real estate purchases.

Patricia Scroggins

5 user8365470

We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful, professional job you did selling our house! It had been on the market for a year with another broker and we had despaired of selling at all in this market when you came up with a new marketing plan that worked! I still can’t believe how fast it happened — less than 2 months from the day we signed with you until we closed escrow.

We were impressed with your care and intelligence at every step of the process. I would (and do) recommend you to all my friends who are ready to sell. I’d be happy to give a personal reference to any of your future clients. You’re the best!

5 user5490907

I recently purchased a home and had Kathryn as my agent. It was a short sell and to say the least, it was not an easy process. I felt multiple times along the way, that if not for Kathryn’s diligent representation the house would have been lost.

Not only is Kathryn a warm and intelligent individual, but she is a tremendously hard worker who is well informed and well connected. I would highly recommend her and do so with absolute confidence and without any reservation.

As my family and I enjoy our new home, I can’t but help think that I would not be there if it were not for Kathryn’s multiple expertise.

5 user21800017

Kathryn’s ability to find a tenant for a unique location was greatly appreciated. Her resourcefullness is impressive. In previous years we had done this ourselves, and it was a long and tedious experience. This is the second time we have benefited from Kathryn’s service.

5 user4086322

Kathryn Alesandrini was wonderful to work with. She helped me sell my home for the highest price in the area at that time and created impressive marketing materials and ads of the home that showed it in its best light (and showcased the architecture). She made good on her promise to market the home widely. She also managed to get it into a bidding war to get me the best price. I recommend her highly.

5 jskoda5

We had a great time working with Kathryn to get a unique piece of property in LA. Since we were first time home buyers, we didn’t know how to go about the entire process but Kathryn was able to walk us through everything to make us feel secure in our decision. She was able to negotiate a great price for the home and made sure that we were not being taken advantage of as we went through home inspection and additional negotiations.

5 ktmalibu

The sale of my home, as a result of circumstances outside my control, was long, tedious and at times downright awful. Kathryn represented me throughout with sensitivity, diplomacy and tenacity when needed, smoothing many ruffled feathers along the way. I would wish this transaction on no one but Kathryn was amazing, knowledgeable and thoroughly supportive.

5 ddavislaw

We have bought and sold several personal residences and income property over the years. By far, Kathryn has been the most experienced and qualified real estate broker with which we have worked. She has an excellent understanding of real estate law and the market and has an extraordinary list of outside consultants such as contractors, finance companies, etc. Our current sale was very complicated and Kathryn went above and beyond. She was up at 4am making calls and handled everything for us. We cannot commend her enough. Thank you Kathryn. You are awesome! Kathryn acted as our agent on a very complicated sale. She was very professional and experienced. Her confidence was a driving factor in getting our sale closed. You can tell when someone knows what they are doing and Kathryn definitely does. We were glad to have her on our side, and we value her expertise. In addition, she is very pleasant and easy to work with. She promptly returns calls and provided us excellent service. Highly Recommended!!!

5 user6190236

Kathryn Alesandrini has represented me three times, one purchase and two sales — raw land in Malibu and a home in Bell Canyon. She made all happen in a timely manner. Her enthusiasm, energy, talent for staging homes, knowledge of the Malibu area and relentlessness make her a valuable asset. She also looked out for my interests and took her fiduciary responsibilities very seriously. By taking her advise and using her services, I was able to get more for both my Bell Canyon home and my Malibu land! Jane J, Ocala, FL

5 m31155a

Kathryn did a masterful job with the listing of my home. Her photographer is an artist, and she painted a beautiful scene with her description. Creating this fantastic listing took hard work but she pulled all the pieces and people together. I’m really pleased and expect we will be closing a sale soon.

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